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03 december 2008

DB: Caramel Cake & Golden Caramels

Bij gebrek aan volledige keuken, deze maand absolúút géén bak- mogelijkheden helaas. Kijk hier voor diegenen die wél de karamel- cake van hosts Dolores, Jenny en 'Brownie' maakten, (à la Shuna).
Unfortunately, this month no challenge in my house. I have a very good reason though, I don't have an oven. Heck, I don't even have a cooker or kitchen. The latter has been stripped down right to the very core and all I see when I enter the room formerly known as 'cooking area' is red brick and some workers. And this will last well into December... it may even be 2009 before we can get back to some cooking, let alone baking. Alas...

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